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"Accommodating Exceptional People

Dynasty Properties has been providing tenants with exceptional accommodations for the past 30 years.

Serving Northern Alberta with their head office in Lac La Biche, this privately owned company strives to provide its tenants with exceptional service and a place to call home. We currently manage 8 buildings in 5 cities with a total of 285 units. Our business is backed by over 25 years of experience, guaranteeing expertise and knowledge in everything related to our properties.

Additionally, over the past 5 years, Dynasty Properties has diversified into commercial leasing, hospitality industry, and the storage industry. Contact us for more information.

The regions we serve are located in

  • EDMONTON – 2 buildings with 20 unts per
  • HINTON – 62 managed townouses
  • SLAVE LAKE – 58 unit building
  • GRIMSHAW – 1 building with 20 units
  • LAC LA BICHE – 3 buildings with 100 units total

Feel free to either check out our buildings or contact the different regions directly by clicking above.

Three Reasons Why You Should Choose Dynasty Properties

1. Most of our buildings are newly renovated*

In an effort to maintain our mission statement, we have recently renovated most of our units to ensure our tenants and prospective renters have access to high-quality housing that meets today’s residential standards. Lock in one of our newly-renovated apartments now before someone else takes this great opportunity.

2. Very Friendly Staff

We have property managers that can help you directly at each of our buildings. They can deal with maintenance and service requests, renting inquiries and any other general questions you may have specific to the building.

Head over to our contact page for building specific contact information.

3. Focused on growth

As the economy grows, so too does our company. In keeping up with the increasing demand for rental properties in Alberta, we are expanding our portfolio of apartments all over the province, entering competitive housing markets in various cities. In the coming years we aim to expand our operations from coast to coast and provide affordable and superior accommodations to exceptional people across Canada.


Tenant Services

We offer a wide range of tenant maintenance and repair requests that you can submit online.

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Competitive Prices

We offer very competitive prices for our buildings. Check for yourself on our property pages.

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